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Japanese dedicated knitters craze in Knitted Wedding Dress.

Japanese Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Dresses

June is the month in which the most wedding ceremonies are held in Japan. Unfortunately, Japan has the havy wet season in June. We(Tata&Tatao) believe June is the most improper month for wedding in the year, even it is the best in Europe. It's muggy and sticky in Japan. However, Japanese young women seem to wish being 'June brides' at any cost.

The Japanese wedding ceremonies cost much money. They cost about $30,000 on average. The wedding couples are not satisfied usual wedding ceremonies, and they try to think out something breathtaking. In general, the Japanese brides wear the ready-made dresses or the dresses for rent at the ceremonies. For this reason, some brides make hand-sewn-dresses for themselves or the mothers make them for their daughters.

Recently, here comes a new challenge. It is the hand knitted wedding dress. Actually, 'the hand knitted dresses' are the composite with hand knitting, machine knitting, crocheting, lacing, and sewing. Some dedicated Japanese knitters are crazed with it. The leading knitting magazine Keitodama featured 'knitted wedding dresses' three times.

June 1996Winter 1998Spring 2002
keitodama1.jpg keitodama2.jpg keitodama3.jpg

At this precise moment, some knitters might be busy to get their work done by the wedding ceremonies in June.

Anyway, do you want to attend one of the ceremonies as their own fashion show? But be careful if you do. When you attend the Japanese wedding ceremony, you must give a cash contribution about $400!

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