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Knitting Instructions of Cushion Cover with Check Pattern & Seed-stitch

About this cushion cover


This cushion covers is made of the small checked color pattern which is easy to be knit. You can memorize the pattern easily. Because the backward stand is short enough, you can avoid the fabric be puckered.

This yarn makes the fabric thicker, so you must make it bigger than the cushion cover made of thin cloth.

Side View



BrandDebbie Bliss
Yarn NameMerino DK
MaterialMerino Wool 100%
Weight/Length50g 110m
Color Number205(Blue)
200(Sky Blue)
Total Weight205(110g)

The yarns are Merino DK of Debbie Bliss. This yarn's properties are soft in touch, and mild in color. They make the cushion cover cushiony and bright. This simple pattern doesn't choose the color of the yarns strictly, it is easy to make a color combination with your surplus yarns.

Needle & Gauge

Needles: US #6/UK #7(4.5mm) 4-DPNs.
Gauge: 22 stitches and 29 rounds / 10cm(4 inches).


5 buttons. (18mm)

Graphic Chart & Instruction


Work circular from the bottom to the top of the figure. The strands will be long at the border of seed-stitch, but you don't need to weave in as knit wear. There is no afraid of picking up the inside strands of cushion covers with fingers. Keep the strand long enough. After you have knitted the top border of seed-stitch, bind off the half stitches and knit other stitches back and forth. You may make button holes with 'Knit tougher + Yarn Over', or simply make the holes afterwards with the tip of a needle.

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