How to Cast on(double cast-on)

The structure

structureThe figure left shows the structure of cast on stitches. A yarn wind around stitches on a needle.

The first stitch

first stitch The figure left shows the structure of the first cast on stitch. You can make it any way you prefer. The figures below show a way of it. The require length from the end of yarn is about triple the width of the fabric you suppose. You can use one needle to cast on. However, it may result the cast on stitches too tight. For avoid it, you can cast on with 2 needles align. Of course, one needle must be pulled out before you begin to knit.

One way to make the first cast on stitch

The first stitch(1) The first stitch(2) The first stitch(3)
Put on the shorter edge near side, the yarn ball far side. Fold the far side yarn to make a loop. Pick up the yarn and thread it into the loop. Thread one/two needle(s) int the new loop.

How to cast on(double cast-on)

A blue arrow shows the previous motion to the figure. A red arrow shows the next motion from the figure. Click the figures to enlarge.

(1) ready Ready as the figure.Put shorter yarn on your left thumb, longer(to yarn ball) yarn on left forefinger.Hold the first stitch on needle with right forefinger or between first two fingers.
(2) 作り目(2) Previous motion: Move the needles toward your left thumb.Pull out the yarn on left forefinger a little,if you feel it's too short.
Next motion: Bring up the yarn on your left thumb with the head of the needles.
(3) cast on(3) Next motion: Turn your left palm to you.
(4) cast on (4) Next motion: Put the yarn(on forefinger) over the needles.
(5) cast on (5) Next motion: Turn your left thumb up to thread the top of the needles into the loop around your left thumb.
(6) cast on (6) Next motion: Crook your left thumb to release the yarn loop.
(7) cast on (7) Next motion: Put the yarn down with your left thumb.
(8) cast on(8) Next motion: Tighten the yarn to fix up the new stitch. Repeat (2) to (8).