Actual Size Graph Paper(PDF File)

If you require the graph paper fit to your gauge exactly, this page will make it!

1 Download the Acrobat Reader (If you haven't installed it yet.)

The graph paper is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format file. And it requires you to download the Acrobat Reader. Get Acrobat Reader

2 Create the Graph Paper

  1. Input rows number and stitches number per 10cm(4inches) between 1 and 200. Decimal figures are acceptable.
  2. Select the actual size or the reduction ratio.
  3. Push "Create" button, and the Acrobat Reader Program comes on and display the graph paper in your browser.
  4. Click printer icon to show "Print Dialog". Uncheck "Fit to file" if it's checked, or you CAN'T get it in actual size.

Note: Only "portrait" and "A4 paper size" are available now.

Sts Rows Reduction Thick Linept Thin Linept



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