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All about Japanese Graphical Knitting Charts

If you work the projects on Japanese knitting books, you must know how to read the Japanese style graphical knitting charts. Because Japanese knitting projects are commonly represented by graphical charts. You hardly find any text-knitting-patterns which describe complete instructions in Japan.

We know some people hate graphical charts and like text patterns. Unfortunately, there is no choice in Japanese knitting patterns. You must be familiar with graphic patterns. However, when you have perfect the reading of the graphical patterns, you can get almost all information without reading Japanese text.

One more good news. Japanese knitting charts are completely standardized by JIS(Japan Industrial Standard), and knitting instructions are well regulated. These may be great helps to beginners.

If you found a lovely project in Japanese book, it would be a chance to extend your knitting experience. Happy knitting!

Table of Contents

1. Two kinds of charts, detailed and simplified

2. Charts and knitting instruction - back & forth / circular

3. Hatched or curved line - shaping on the edge

4. Decreasing and increasing in the middle of fabric

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