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Chic Scarf made of Italian Yarn

About This Scarf

Waffle Stitch Scarf This stitch, we call it 'waffle stitch' for ourselves, is an application of slip stitch. It is elastic stitch. The fabric of the stitch looks elaborate, but it is easy to knit. The half of the fabric is made of the simplest stocking stitch.

This stitch is thick and dense. So, if you used ordinary thick wool yarn, the fabric might be too hard to use for scarves. On the contrary, if you used thin soft yarn, it could give a enough volume to the fabric.


a skein of the yarn

BrandRoberta di Camerino
Yarn Namerialto
Materialrayon 60%
polyester 40%
Weight/Length40g 172m
Color Number501
Amount70g(2 skeins)

We produce the scarf with the yarn 'rialto' which made in Italy. The brand of the yarn is 'Roberta di Camerino'. This brand is famous for the bags, the perfume and the fashion. This yarn gives the fabric a Italian taste. The yarn made from chemical fiber which is quite light in weight and soft in touch. The color works of the yarn is very distinctive; very thin yellowish khaki fibers are wound around a gold-colored yarn. This yarn tend to become tangled. Don't pull it hard. You had better use from outside of the skein.

For the subsititute, we recommend a finger-weight soft yarn.


US #8/UK #6(5mm)

The Graphic Chart and The Description

Chart Cast on with Double Cast-on. The number of the stitches have to be an odd number.

The row of slip stitch is tend to loose. Try to keep tension. And don't make the loop on the needle bigger when you knit. This results the edge loose.

After the two stocking stitch, cast off knitwise.


First Row. Casting on.
Second Row. Purl.
3rd Row.
Knit 1 stitch. Keeping the working yarn back, Slip 1 stitch from the left needle to the right needle purlwise. Repeat next to the last stitch. Knit.
4th row(1)
Move back the working yarn at the beginning of the row. Knit.
4th row(2)
Move the working yarn to you. Slip 1 stitch from the left needle to the right needle purlwise.
4th row(3)
Move the working yarn back again. Knit. Repeat next to the last stitch. Knit.
5th Row. Knit.
6th Row. Purl.
7th - Repeat from 3th row to 6th row.

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