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The First Socks -- Easy to knit, Comfortable to Put on.

Welcome to the sock knitting world! Socks are the very garments to be knitted enjoyable. They are so small projects and so quickly to be finished. You can try a brilliant color blending or a simple ribbing to keep you feet warmer and comfortable. Of course, it is one of the best Xmas present.

The examples

The photo below shows our examples of "the first socks" which means our suggestion for the beginning knitters. This might be a easiest project for the sock. However, we believe that almost of the basic techniques can be mastered through the project.

The First Socks

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1 Materials and Tools
2 An Overview of the project
3 The Gauge
4 Full illustrated instructions(Casting on to Heel Shaping)
5 Full illustrated instructions(Heel Shaping -- Kitchener Stitch)
6 Full illustrated instructions(Picking up -- Toe Shaping)

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