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Instructions for Simple Scarves made of Rib or Stocking Stitches

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Vertical Stripe Scarf New

Vertical striped scarves have simpler impressions than those of horizontal ones. Sometimes, they can look you taller and thinner. This scarf uses the technic of 'Intarsia' which be thought as rather difficult. But it isn't so much hard to knit. Intarsia doesn't make the fabric thick, and the interlocks in wrong side will be an ornament of the fabric.


Garter Stitch Scarf

This scarf was knitted as same way as The First Scarf which is the simplest way to knit a scarf. You may think that garter stitch scarves are for beginners, but the texture of them can be valid quite widely.

Rib scarlf

Rib Scarves

The simple rib stitch scarves are chic in appearance, soft in touch. These are the most popular and useful.

Fur Yarn scarf

Short Fur Yarn Scarf

This short scarf requires only one skein of fur yarn. The close illustrations are represent the technic of making a big hole in a fabric.

waffle stitch scarf

Waffle Stitch Scarf

This waffle-like-stitch(our own name) gives a fancy taste to the fabric. This scarf weights only 70g because the Italian yarn made of synthetics is very thin and soft.

openwork scarf

Openwork Mohair Scarf

This scarf is very thin and light made of mohair yarn. This openwork motif patten is very simple to knit and memorize.


Stripe Scarf

The stripe color pattern is the easiest color pattern, because it requires only changing the yarn at the beginning of the rows where you want to change the colors. In spite of the easiness in knitting, the stripe color pattern has limitless variations which might make you absorbed.


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