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Full illustrated desciptions of knitting principles.
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  Let's Get Knitting! 
knit Do you have an interest in knitting? Have you ever wondered if you could knit? Just take a look at our invitation to knitting.
 Full Illustrated Basic Techniques  
full illustrated basic techniques
This section is for beginners who don't make sense from the knitting books "for beginner". How can I begin knitting? Where may I buy knitting tools? How to hold the needles? How to make a stitch? We describe them with many illustrations.
The First Project - A scarf
Knowlege and techniques to knit the first scarf.
The First Cap
Full illustrated descriptions on the first cap.
The First Socks
Full illustrated descriptions on the first socks.
The First Glove & Mitten
Full illustrated descriptions on the first glove and mitten.
The First Sweater
Full illustrated descriptions on the first sweater.
Knitting - Continental Method
This section shows only one basic technique - 'Knit' with many illustrations.
Purling - Continental Method
This section shows only one basic technique - 'Purl' with many illustrations.
Circular Knitting with DPNs
This section shows the way of circular knitting with 4(or more) double pointed needles. We had a study upon the old method from old pictures.
Bacic Stitches
Basic Stitches with full illustrated description.
 Full Illustrated Simple Projects  
simple projects
Scarves,caps,hats,gloves,socks...and so on. They are the little charming projects for beginners. Let's try one and learn the basic knittng tips!
 Simple Scarves
Simple and easy-to-knit scarves with Rib stitch, Waffle stitch, Open work. A minute description of making a hole on scarf.
Simple caps & hats New
Simple and easy-to-knit caps and hats. A watch cap with rib stitch. A hat with stocking stitich. A Big beret.
woolen under short pants
Instruction on the warm woolen under short pants.
Simple sweaters
The sweaters basically Knitting & Purling.
Cushion Covers
Colorfull Cushion covers.
 Our Knitting Works 
Rabbit We produce some toy knits and garments from English knitting patterns. The toy knits are designed by Debbie Bliss, an English knit designer, and they appeal to everyone. There are different types made from our popular toy crochets. Just take a look at little pigs and teddy bears.
 Our Knitting Related Arts 
Another Crafts Our Knitting-related arts,Japanese traditional short style poem '5-7-5' and so on.
Short Knitting Poems 5-7-5
'5-7-5' is a traditional style poem in Japan. We made some poems on knitting.
 Knitting Closeup 
Closeup We close up knitting techniques, Tips, Topics, Events, Studys... and so on.
Devoted Japanese knitter's new craze  New
Hand-knitted wedding dresses craze Japanese ambitious knitters.
Circular knitting with 2 circluar needles
Do you feel awkward circular knitting with DPNs? Do you pinch a short circular needle with your thumb and forfinger when you knit a sock? Try this trick with 2 circular needles.
A trial report on 'Super-pompom-maker' & 'Hanaami-loom'.
We tried Clover's new knitting gizumos 'Super-pompom-maker' and 'Hanaami-loom'.
 Traditional Knitting 
Traditional knitting We are interested in traditional knitting. We have tried to recreate some historical garments that are on display in museums. We make our products based on historical principles.
Knitting a Sanquhar Glove
Sanquhar is a city in southern Scotland. The Sanquhar glove was the most typical knitting product of the area. Only a few knitters of this product exist today. We created a Sanquhar glove from a picture in Dumfries and Galloway Museum.
How to Knit a Sanquhar Glove
We examined a pair of Sanquhar gloves which Chihiro Sato, a knitwear designer, owns. We made the complete pattern of the glove. Would you like to try knitting it?
 All About Japanese Knitting Patterns 
English Pattern
The Graphic based Japanese knitting patterns are not familiar except Japanese. Some knitters who have worked with text patterns could be confused with it. If you find a lovely knitware which described with Japanese knitting pattern, this capter is for you.
Japanese Pattern Basics  New
The basical information on Japanese Characters, mesurements, needles, etc.
How to Read Japanese Graphical Charts  New
Japanese knitting instructions are depicted with graphical symbols and charts.
 All About Engilsh Knitting Pattern 
English Pattern
'Knitting Pattern' is the biggest obstacle for Japanese. Usual English-Japanese translator tend to translate knitting pattern to Japanese text which we don't make sense. We try to make a descripton of it. And we developed a new translation software named 'Knitran'.
How to Read Knitting Patterns
English knitting patterns are full of abbreviations.They are far from plain English. We made a guide of the pattern.
English-Japanese Pattern Translator Knitran
Online English-Japanese translator 'Knitran' translates English patterns in Japanese immedately.
 Software Library of Knitting 
Knit Library The computer helps your knitting on calculating, color maching, drawing graph papers and printing knitting charts.
 Actual Size Graph Paper
You can get the actual-size-graph-paper PDF file on demand.
Computer Aided Knitting
We're developing on-line softwares for color matching, size variable knitting pattern.
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